Thursday, June 7, 2012

Australian and NZ punk era records for trade

Will trade for similar records from worldwide. More info and grading on request.

Adrenalin Ready For The Show 7" Sanitarium SR AD1, 1983 elusive North Shore punker, missing PS
Apartments Return Of The Hypnotist 7" Able, 1979 Great lo-fi downbeat pop in beautiful silkscreened sleeve
Babeez - Dowanna Love 7"
Bodysnatchers Frantic / Mystery 7" Shake/Savage PRS 2617, vg+/vg++ Great Brisbane lo-fi punk
Boys Next Door - Shivers 7" Mushroom K7492, old style Mushroom labels
Buddies Some Pop People 7" Buddies 13291, orig insert PS. vg/vg++ Wackley brothers post Razar Brisbane odd pop, 1981?.
Buddies Some Pop People 7" Buddies 13291, xerox sleeve/vg++ Ex Razar Brisbane odd pop.
Cartoons Feel My Heart-beat 7" Ready Steady RSVP 001, PS. Pop, but really strong.
Celibate Rifles - But Jacques The Fish 7" EMI Custom black on white sleeve
Celibate Rifles - But Jacques The Fish 7"Hot,  red on white sleeve, also a white on blue
Critics People / Surprise / 1990 (WWIII) 7" Stormbird SMP011
Critics Evelyn / Steelman 7" Angelwood BS001, 1982
Dance Set Melody / Waiting 7" Au Go Go ANDA12, PS 1981 brilliant powerpop by Little Murders side band
Double O's - Music Set U Free 7"
Essendon Airport Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial 7" Innocent NON1, 1979 PS DIY
Flinn Two Cans Of Fosters 7" Astor A7319, 198? co. sleeve. See Mick Flinn in 45 Revs
Frames - Shadows 7" Elite, 1985 Perth pop, maybe missing sleeve
Glam Stars Boys Keep Swinging +3 7" ep Rampant RR005, 1983 PS
Globes The Girl With The Smiling Hair 7" Cordial Factory 13073, NS as issued. Sunshine pop.
Glo-Ratio Video / Breaking The Rules 7" Viv-vid PRS2729, 1979 PS Sydney DIY, ex radio station copy
Grooveyard Avalanche Of Love 7" Big Time BTS1246, 1983 PS. Pop
Guest Stars Don't Wait For The Album 7" EMI Custom PRS-2892, good punky DIY, 1981, never in sleeve
Hitmen Didn't Tell The Man 7" WEA 100095, 1979 NS as issued
Innocents Sooner Or Later 7" RCA Victor 103591, 1980 m- co. sleeve. Brilliant slick powerpop.
Invader Don't Blame It On Me 7" NS as issued. Brilliant punk/hard rock blend
Just Urbain Burning / Guns And Guitars / Part 3 7" Shake Savage. Brilliant first. In original sleeve.
Just Urbain Burning / Guns And Guitars / Part 3 7" Shake Savage. Brilliant first. I can't 100% guarantee the sleeve is original so let's say xerox.
Just Urbain Everybody Loves 7" Shake Savage. Second. No sleeve.
Klerks I Need A Pardon / Love And Pain 7" Vi-nil K-001, 1983 PS
Last Words Animal World / Wondering Why 7"" Remand RRCS 2439, NS. First issue.
Last Words - Animal World 7" Wizard
Last Words Todays Kidz 7" UK Remand, 1979 PS
Leftovers - Fucken Leftovers Hate You 7" stamped sleeve
Lipstick Killers - Sockman 7" Vi-nil, plus insert
Lipstick Killers Hindu Gods (Of Love) 7" USA Voxx 45-1003 first press (of 3 on Voxx) , Blow Your Mind company sleeve
Little Murders She Lets Me Know 7" Au Go Go ANDA 14, 1981 PS Consistently great Melbourne powerpop band
Lipstick Killers Hindu Gods (Of Love) 7" USA Voxx 45-1003 first press (of 3 on Voxx) , Blow Your Mind company sleeve
Mainstreet - Doing It In England 7" obscure 1983 Syndey pop record
Makeshift Love Is Everywhere? 7" 13037, PS Mystery punky DIY from Sydney. Also have a spare copy of the rudimentary sleeve
Manikins Love At Second Sight 7" Manikins SMX55052, PS
Nervous System - Pied Piper 7" sleeve not in great condition
Noise - Think About Tomorrow Tomorrow 7"
Numbers Govt. Boy 7" Local 3, 1979 PS
Once I Killed A Gopher With A Stick Private Island 7" Sundown 0193, 1986 PS Toowoomba powerpop
Out Of Nowhere - Remember Remember 7" Prince Melon
Personnel Never Be Your Man 7" Method MR2, 1980 PS Moddy pop
Pupils Of Love - Rock n Roll 7"
Razor Gang All I Want For Xmas Is A Neutron Bomb 7" Great pop from Sydney 1982
rejected - First Offence 7" plus insert
Ribcage Wrestlers Are Playing 7" Slamfest, PS from 1984, released 1989 or so
Rivals Benefit Man 7" Axent ARH513, NS as issued. Another unknown Sydney pop record
Rude Band I'm A Punk 7" Oz 876, 1982 co. sleeve. Good punk novelty
Saints River Deep Mountain High 7" GER EMI Electrola 1c 006-82416, PS. German sleeve
Saints This Perfect Day 7" GER EMI Electrola 1c 006-82392, PS. German sleeve
Screaming Tribesmen I Don't Wanna Know +3 7" EMI Custom 13349, PS. First and best.
Sekret Sekret New King Jack 7" Basilisk 13029, PS Odd pop, I love it
Singles Love Of Loves +2 7" Doublethink dtdt 11 Sydney powerpop
Sputniks Second Glance 7" NS as issued. Brilliant sloppy punky pop.
Sunnyboys - Live EP sleeve but no inserts
Teenage Radio Stars Wanna Be Ya Baby 7" Suicide 103139, 1978 co sleeve
Tenants Don't Blame Me 7" TS001, NS as issued.
TISM - Defecate On My Face 7" no sleeve
Toy Watches Too Long 7" Peanut Republic PRR001, 1980 NS as issued. Great Ipswich pop.
Turn Around - Let's Do It 7" powerpop
Victims - Television Addict 7"
X-Ray Z - Poor Image 7"
Zorros Too Young 7"AuGoGo ANDA16, 1981 PS. Brilliant pop punk.
Various Canberra Calling 7" PRS 2814, NS as generally issued. Quintrex Bop, Young Docteurs, No Concept, Naturals

New Zealand
Alms For Children Danny Boy +2 7" rem, 1981 PS DIY on Harry Ratbag's label
Johnnies Who Killed Johnny? 7" Johnnies JOHN 1, 1982 PS great punk rock record
Steroids - Shadows 7"

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