Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worldwide punk &c for trade

Will trade for similar from all countries. Grading available on request

USA and Canada
Cunts Live A Date With Disaster 7" CAN
Dead Kennedys Bleed For Me / Life Sentence 7" AUS Missing Link MISS35, 1982 PS
Grim/Klone Band No Excuse! sleeve only vg+
Red Rockers Guns OF Revolution 7" band sleeve as seen at It-Never-Ends
The Sickness Caution 7"

Ireland and Great Britain
Cassettes Reverberate / Don't Label Me 7" Zip 101, plain sleeve
The Grip File It Under Maybe, Baby 7" UK Mrs Dixon MDR 3001, missing sleeve
Stiffs Goodbye My Love 7" AUS Stiff K 8259, in company sleeve as issued, M-
Undertones Teenage Kicks 7" IRE Good Vibrations GOT4 white sleeve, solid centre The Undertones
Undertones Teenage Kicks 7" IRE Good Vibrations GOT4 white sleeve, pushout centre Undertones

Rudloph Dietrich B.O.F.s / No Claim With Bluff And Swindle 7" SWI Rudolph 7903, PS
Vulpess Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra 7" SPA with rare sticker insert


Australian and NZ punk era records for trade

Will trade for similar records from worldwide. More info and grading on request.

Adrenalin Ready For The Show 7" Sanitarium SR AD1, 1983 elusive North Shore punker, missing PS
Apartments Return Of The Hypnotist 7" Able, 1979 Great lo-fi downbeat pop in beautiful silkscreened sleeve
Babeez - Dowanna Love 7"
Bodysnatchers Frantic / Mystery 7" Shake/Savage PRS 2617, vg+/vg++ Great Brisbane lo-fi punk
Boys Next Door - Shivers 7" Mushroom K7492, old style Mushroom labels
Buddies Some Pop People 7" Buddies 13291, orig insert PS. vg/vg++ Wackley brothers post Razar Brisbane odd pop, 1981?.
Buddies Some Pop People 7" Buddies 13291, xerox sleeve/vg++ Ex Razar Brisbane odd pop.
Cartoons Feel My Heart-beat 7" Ready Steady RSVP 001, PS. Pop, but really strong.
Celibate Rifles - But Jacques The Fish 7" EMI Custom black on white sleeve
Celibate Rifles - But Jacques The Fish 7"Hot,  red on white sleeve, also a white on blue
Critics People / Surprise / 1990 (WWIII) 7" Stormbird SMP011
Critics Evelyn / Steelman 7" Angelwood BS001, 1982
Dance Set Melody / Waiting 7" Au Go Go ANDA12, PS 1981 brilliant powerpop by Little Murders side band
Double O's - Music Set U Free 7"
Essendon Airport Sonic Investigations Of The Trivial 7" Innocent NON1, 1979 PS DIY
Flinn Two Cans Of Fosters 7" Astor A7319, 198? co. sleeve. See Mick Flinn in 45 Revs
Frames - Shadows 7" Elite, 1985 Perth pop, maybe missing sleeve
Glam Stars Boys Keep Swinging +3 7" ep Rampant RR005, 1983 PS
Globes The Girl With The Smiling Hair 7" Cordial Factory 13073, NS as issued. Sunshine pop.
Glo-Ratio Video / Breaking The Rules 7" Viv-vid PRS2729, 1979 PS Sydney DIY, ex radio station copy
Grooveyard Avalanche Of Love 7" Big Time BTS1246, 1983 PS. Pop
Guest Stars Don't Wait For The Album 7" EMI Custom PRS-2892, good punky DIY, 1981, never in sleeve
Hitmen Didn't Tell The Man 7" WEA 100095, 1979 NS as issued
Innocents Sooner Or Later 7" RCA Victor 103591, 1980 m- co. sleeve. Brilliant slick powerpop.
Invader Don't Blame It On Me 7" NS as issued. Brilliant punk/hard rock blend
Just Urbain Burning / Guns And Guitars / Part 3 7" Shake Savage. Brilliant first. In original sleeve.
Just Urbain Burning / Guns And Guitars / Part 3 7" Shake Savage. Brilliant first. I can't 100% guarantee the sleeve is original so let's say xerox.
Just Urbain Everybody Loves 7" Shake Savage. Second. No sleeve.
Klerks I Need A Pardon / Love And Pain 7" Vi-nil K-001, 1983 PS
Last Words Animal World / Wondering Why 7"" Remand RRCS 2439, NS. First issue.
Last Words - Animal World 7" Wizard
Last Words Todays Kidz 7" UK Remand, 1979 PS
Leftovers - Fucken Leftovers Hate You 7" stamped sleeve
Lipstick Killers - Sockman 7" Vi-nil, plus insert
Lipstick Killers Hindu Gods (Of Love) 7" USA Voxx 45-1003 first press (of 3 on Voxx) , Blow Your Mind company sleeve
Little Murders She Lets Me Know 7" Au Go Go ANDA 14, 1981 PS Consistently great Melbourne powerpop band
Lipstick Killers Hindu Gods (Of Love) 7" USA Voxx 45-1003 first press (of 3 on Voxx) , Blow Your Mind company sleeve
Mainstreet - Doing It In England 7" obscure 1983 Syndey pop record
Makeshift Love Is Everywhere? 7" 13037, PS Mystery punky DIY from Sydney. Also have a spare copy of the rudimentary sleeve
Manikins Love At Second Sight 7" Manikins SMX55052, PS
Nervous System - Pied Piper 7" sleeve not in great condition
Noise - Think About Tomorrow Tomorrow 7"
Numbers Govt. Boy 7" Local 3, 1979 PS
Once I Killed A Gopher With A Stick Private Island 7" Sundown 0193, 1986 PS Toowoomba powerpop
Out Of Nowhere - Remember Remember 7" Prince Melon
Personnel Never Be Your Man 7" Method MR2, 1980 PS Moddy pop
Pupils Of Love - Rock n Roll 7"
Razor Gang All I Want For Xmas Is A Neutron Bomb 7" Great pop from Sydney 1982
rejected - First Offence 7" plus insert
Ribcage Wrestlers Are Playing 7" Slamfest, PS from 1984, released 1989 or so
Rivals Benefit Man 7" Axent ARH513, NS as issued. Another unknown Sydney pop record
Rude Band I'm A Punk 7" Oz 876, 1982 co. sleeve. Good punk novelty
Saints River Deep Mountain High 7" GER EMI Electrola 1c 006-82416, PS. German sleeve
Saints This Perfect Day 7" GER EMI Electrola 1c 006-82392, PS. German sleeve
Screaming Tribesmen I Don't Wanna Know +3 7" EMI Custom 13349, PS. First and best.
Sekret Sekret New King Jack 7" Basilisk 13029, PS Odd pop, I love it
Singles Love Of Loves +2 7" Doublethink dtdt 11 Sydney powerpop
Sputniks Second Glance 7" NS as issued. Brilliant sloppy punky pop.
Sunnyboys - Live EP sleeve but no inserts
Teenage Radio Stars Wanna Be Ya Baby 7" Suicide 103139, 1978 co sleeve
Tenants Don't Blame Me 7" TS001, NS as issued.
TISM - Defecate On My Face 7" no sleeve
Toy Watches Too Long 7" Peanut Republic PRR001, 1980 NS as issued. Great Ipswich pop.
Turn Around - Let's Do It 7" powerpop
Victims - Television Addict 7"
X-Ray Z - Poor Image 7"
Zorros Too Young 7"AuGoGo ANDA16, 1981 PS. Brilliant pop punk.
Various Canberra Calling 7" PRS 2814, NS as generally issued. Quintrex Bop, Young Docteurs, No Concept, Naturals

New Zealand
Alms For Children Danny Boy +2 7" rem, 1981 PS DIY on Harry Ratbag's label
Johnnies Who Killed Johnny? 7" Johnnies JOHN 1, 1982 PS great punk rock record
Steroids - Shadows 7"

Some wants...

Australian Punk
The Saints - Eternally Yours LP issued in Japan with obi; 
Fun Things - When The Birdmen Fly 7", original with mint sleeve and disc; 
Just Urbain - Everybody Loves Just Urbain 7" in original silkscreened sleeve; 
The Leftovers - Cigarettes And Alcohol 7" in sleeve; 
Thought Criminals - Hilton Bomber 7" with sleeve. 

Some other Australian pop/DIY records I'm looking for: 
Height/Dismay - Mother's Footsteps 7" probably test pressing only, 
KAOS - My Life 7" from Melbourne,
The Limp - Lost My Appetite 7" in a 12" sleeve.

I could also use copies of the following records in sleeves with all inserts: 
Texas: Ejectors 7", Inanimate Objects 7"; 
California: Vectors 7", Opus - The Atrocity 7", Hollywood Squares - Hillside Strangler 7" (record only, not the sleeve), Reign Of Terror 7", Damion Circle & The Luxenboys 7"; 
Pennsylvania: Fingers - Isolation 7"; 
Ohio: Hammer Damage 7"; 
Washington: Sillykillers 7"; 
Florida: Lethal Yellow 7";
New Hampshire: GG Allin first LP;
New York: Manikenz - I Don't Want Romance 7", Sinatras - Teddy Crashes 7"; 
Michigan: Fix - Vengeance 7"; 
Illinois: Mentally Ill - Soldier 19 7" in sleeve, Exit 7", JT IV 7"s;
Kentucky: Endtables - Process Of Elimination 7" in sleeve; 
Wisconsin: Ones 7"; 
and from Europe: Vicious Vision - I Beat You 7", TNT - Zuri Brannt 7", Mopo Mogo 7"; 
and the UK: Disorder - Air Raid 7", Blitz Boys 7"; 
and Japan: Tsunematsu Masatoshi - Gozira 7"; 
and our Canadian friends: Teenage Head - Picture My Face (either Can sleeve), Siggy Magic 7".

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Aussie/NZ 60s records for trade

Will trade for other Aus/NZ sixties records. Grading available on request.

Tommy Adderley I Just Don't Understand / Whole Lotta Shaking Going On 7" USA Mar Mar 314
Laurie Allen with the Blue Jays Wolf Man / I Left A Broken Heart 7" Crest CRS-7-003
Laurie Allen And Bobby Bright I Belong With You / Trouble In Mind Go!! G5001
Greg Anderson Micky's Monkey / I've Been Unfaithful 7" Kommotion KK-1530
Atlantics The Crusher / Hootenanny Stomp 7" CBS BA-221059
Tony Barber Wait By The Water / What Now 7" Spin EK-1321 great punky A-side
Bobby And Laurie Hitch Hiker / You'll Come Round 7" Parlophone A8198
Ray Brown & The Whispers 20 Miles / Devoted To You 7" Leedon LK-832
Ray Brown & The Whispers Pride / Say It Again 7" Leedon LK-939
Ray Brown & The Whispers Fool Fool Fool / Go To Him 7" Leedon LK-1028
Ray Brown & The Whispers In The Midnight Hour / Now Is The Time 7" Leedon LK-1131 Understated fuzz on a-side
Ray Brown & The Whispers I Am What I Am / I Can't Get Enough 7" Leedon LK-1216
Ray Brown & The Whisper (Ain't It) Strange / Devoted To You 7" Festival FK-1380
Ray Brown & The Whispers The Same Old Song / New Kind Of Love 7" Festival FK-1664
Chaos And Co. It Was You 7" Columbia DO-4718, sticker on label
Cherobendys More Of The Cherobendys EP 7" Crest CP-7-47
Cherokees I've Been Trying / Only If You Care 7" Go!! G-5009
Cicadas That's What I Want / Hey Wha' D'ya Say 7" RCA 101552
Terry Dean & The Nitebeats Because She Loves You / I'll Keep Walking 7" NZ Mascot MS-1014
Easybeats St Louis / Can't Find Love 7" Polydor NH-59274
Easybeats Friday On My Mind 7" EP Parlophone GEPO 70041
       (Friday On My Mind / Sorry // Who'll Be The One / Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It)
The 5 I'll Be There / How Can She Know 7" Sunshine QK-1132
Mike Furber Where Are You / Secondhand People 7" Sunshine QK-1602
Grandma's Tonic Johnny The Hummer / Hi Hi Hazel 7" Astor A-7072
Groop Ol' Hound Dog / Cry Cry Baby 7" CBS BA-221234 Good frantic R&B
Max Hamilton & The Impacts I'm Blue / Bull Moose 7" HMW EA-4754
Henchmen Rockin' Robin / Baby What's Wrong 7" Go!! G-5002
Joy Lemmon Every Day I Have To Cry 7" Go!! G-5029
Loved Ones The Loverly Car / A Love Like Ours 7" In
Masters Apprentices Masters Apprentices 7" EP Astor AEP-4012 Gold Star printed on sleeve
        (Undecided / Hot Gully Wind // Buried And Dead / She's My Girl)
Missing Links The Links..Unchained 7" EP Raven RV14 70s reissue
Pink Finks Louie Louie / Got Love If You Want It 7" Mojo MO001 blue labels, monster
Purple Hearts Here 'Tis / Long Legged Baby 7" Sunshine QK-1138
Jan Robinson & the Mystics All Summer Long 7" W&G
Bruce Rowland & the Spinetts Rhonda 7" W&G WG-S-2942 
Sharades Love Minus Zero / What Is The Reason 7" Scope SP-009
Strangers Western Union / Cool Jerk 7" Go!! G-5052
Donnie Sutherland Fairyland / Little Girl 7" du Monde SDM-302 Nice piece of lite-psych fluff
Telstars Reef Ride / Blackout 7" CBS BA-221064
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs The Word For Today / The New Breed 7" Parlophone A8208
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Baby, Hold Me Close / Halleljuah I Love Her So 7" Parlophone A8170 
Tolmen Don't Book Me Officer / Moonie 7" RCA 101547
Twilights Needle In A Haystack / I Won't Be The Same Without Her 7" Columbia DO-4717 stellar version on b-side
Twilights What's Wrong With The Way I Live / 9.50 7" Columbia DO-4764
Twilights Sand In The Sandwiches / Lotus 7" Columbia DO-8602
Tony Worsley (w\ The Escorts) Reaching Out / Do You Mind 7" Sunshine QK-2104

Atlantics Now It's Stompin' Time LP CBS BP 233086 Mono
Bobby & Laurie Bobby & Laurie LP Go!! GLP 3001
Easybeats Easy LP Parlophone PMCO 7527
Various - The Bowl Show LP Calendar R66-66
Toni McCann, The Blue Jays, Tony Worsley etc
Various - Brian de Courcy Presents... My Favourite Kinda People LP W&G 
Pink Finks, Johnny Cooper (Farmer John), Strangers etc

Thursday, January 14, 2010

General information

All these records are available for trade or sale. I'm open to cash offers on any of them but generally if they are reasonably rare they are trade only. My wants are similar records from all countries, if you would like me to email you a want list let me know. 

Grading is sleeve/record. NPS means no sleeve ever issued. If you are familiar with Mike B's scheme then think along those lines, sort of. If you're familiar with general European grading - everything down to vg++ here would equate to m- or ex there, vg+ would equate to ex or ex- there, g here = vg+ or vg there. Detailed grading information is available at the bottom of this page - scroll on down...

Records I haven't got around to grading yet are marked --/--. Email me with any questions. I think all these records are still here, if by chance I've sold one or two of them without remembering to cross them off the list please don't cry.

Henry Weld
PO Box A1055
Sydney South 1235

Grading info
m is reserved for unplayed records or unnaturally perfect sleeves

m- refers to sleeves or vinyl in unblemished condition

vg++ refers to sleeves that have no major defects (ie rips or tears or
visible ring wear), it may include slight ruffling of the sleeve, slight
sticker stain, slight raising of the sleeves due to ring impression, for
vinyl the record is clean, maybe a light scuff or two

vg+: one or two more noticeable defects - what they are will be noted,
or if not it means the sleeve is somewhat overall degraded, without it
being one particular defect, a structurally perfect sleeve with some
writing on it will usually be graded vg+, vinyl will have some scuffing

vg: sleeve has some defacing defect, ugly sticker mark, more than one tear,
strong ring wear or some combination of other defects, vinyl has general
scuffing or one or two noticeably larger marks

g: we're still talking "good" condition remember - sleeve has some ugly
defect or is worn all over, vinyl will generally be noisy

b: anything else is in "bad" condition, only for the ultrararities