Thursday, January 14, 2010

General information

All these records are available for trade or sale. I'm open to cash offers on any of them but generally if they are reasonably rare they are trade only. My wants are similar records from all countries, if you would like me to email you a want list let me know. 

Grading is sleeve/record. NPS means no sleeve ever issued. If you are familiar with Mike B's scheme then think along those lines, sort of. If you're familiar with general European grading - everything down to vg++ here would equate to m- or ex there, vg+ would equate to ex or ex- there, g here = vg+ or vg there. Detailed grading information is available at the bottom of this page - scroll on down...

Records I haven't got around to grading yet are marked --/--. Email me with any questions. I think all these records are still here, if by chance I've sold one or two of them without remembering to cross them off the list please don't cry.

Henry Weld
PO Box A1055
Sydney South 1235

Grading info
m is reserved for unplayed records or unnaturally perfect sleeves

m- refers to sleeves or vinyl in unblemished condition

vg++ refers to sleeves that have no major defects (ie rips or tears or
visible ring wear), it may include slight ruffling of the sleeve, slight
sticker stain, slight raising of the sleeves due to ring impression, for
vinyl the record is clean, maybe a light scuff or two

vg+: one or two more noticeable defects - what they are will be noted,
or if not it means the sleeve is somewhat overall degraded, without it
being one particular defect, a structurally perfect sleeve with some
writing on it will usually be graded vg+, vinyl will have some scuffing

vg: sleeve has some defacing defect, ugly sticker mark, more than one tear,
strong ring wear or some combination of other defects, vinyl has general
scuffing or one or two noticeably larger marks

g: we're still talking "good" condition remember - sleeve has some ugly
defect or is worn all over, vinyl will generally be noisy

b: anything else is in "bad" condition, only for the ultrararities